Corporate Art: More Than Pretty Pictures

When you think of corporate art, what comes to mind? Muted, unrecognizable landscapes and reproductions of the old masters?

Not any more. Companies are now appreciating art on an entirely new level, choosing pieces that not only look beautiful, but also set their business apart by creating a work environment as unique as the products or services they sell.

Some corporations, such as Microsoft, Bank of America and JPMorganChase, are so serious about their office art collections that they employ in-house curators. But that’s uncommon—most companies turn to art consultants who handle every step of the acquisition process, from picking a theme to hanging the works.

Corporate art has the power to transform the workplace, to enhance your corporate image and to boost employee morale. It’s an essential way to communicate your identity to both clients and employees, and shows you forward thinking with a dynamic company philosophy. And while you’re showcasing your innovation and creativity, you’re also supporting emerging artists and contributing to the local economy.

Whether you’re looking for a complete artistic overhaul or a conversation starter for you lobby, choosing the right pieces is an art form in itself. But anything is possible: any theme, any artist, any medium. You truly can have it all.

Horizons of the Past and Present - Mark Preston


Urban Tradition - Rande Cook

Three wooden lightboxes, 4–6 feet tall. Perfect for a large reception area.


New Traditions - Rande Cook

Wall mounted representation of a bentwood box. Wood and glass.


Dzunukwa - Rande Cook


Rande Cook Originals


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